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3 Tips to Embracing who you Are

So lately, I have been noticing some changes in not only my personality but what I want out of life. Change is an important life moment that symbolizes ings significant things like personal growth. But sometimes it can be a little bit hard to reconcile all of the changes and new feelings because they are core changes that mean that the you who you through you were is changing into someone else that you are now required to embrace. This is the type of experience that I have been having lately which inspired me to write this post and share with you these tips.

1 Acknowledge it-- The first and most important tip to embracing who you are, especially during times of change, is acknowledging it. Acknowledge the changes, Acknowledge the feelings, Acknowledge the thoughts, Acknowledge all of it. That's that.

2 Be Flexible - I think it is really easy to fall into this pattern or idea of "this is who I have to be," and remain rigid and stuck within that. Whether this pattern or idea comes from within you, society, family expectations, or somewhere else altogether it is important to remain h flexible with that type of framework. Cause, let's be real here you may not fit into that mold or you may change enough where that mold becomes something different. That's okay.

3 Learn it - Almost on equal to acknowledging it, its important to learn it. Be willing to learn about yourself and the ways in which you are changing. Be willing to keep learning, in general, to allow change it happen. Learning doesn't stop happening when school stops happening.

So these are 3 tips to embracing who you are. Hopefully, these can help you with that initial self discovery or as you change and discover new parts of yourself to be embraced.

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