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3 Tips to Dealing with Regret.

Sometimes more than others regret can settle into our spirts. Suddenly every choice that we ever made or one choice, in particular, can become an intense focus and the only thing on your mind is what if. These feelings can be triggered by so many sorts of things and can be hard to deal with. So with that, for today's post and I am sharing some types that help me to deal with regret it comes to settle itself in my spirt.

1. Recognize your accomplishments - I think that sometimes one of the hardest things to do in life is to recognize your accomplishments, what you have done, and realize the glory, magic, and pride within that. It is easy to see the accomplishments of others and what others have especially when you are feeling down. Recognize you.

2. Find the root cause - What are the choices that you are regretting? Why are regretting them? Discovering the root of these questions may show you that a change needs to be made and perhaps it is time to make it.

3. Acceptance - Acceptance can mean so so many things. But in this case, it means accepting the feelings that you have. Of course, it is ideal to live a #noregrets life, but that's not always possible and when that happens it is almost second nature to try to smother those feelings down. But smothering them down doesn't do anything good for your emotional health and doesn't make the regret go away either. Accepting the feelings for what they are and processing through them is the only way to let go of regret.

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