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3 Tips to Create an Environment to Thrive

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

There is a quote that states "Bloom where you are planted." To me it always makes me think of trying your best to be your best self while living or experiencing life in a place you don't necessarily want to be. The concept of this isn't inherently a bad thing either, sometimes in life, we can't go anywhere or do anything else do to a variety of circumstances and that's okay.... but I want to take this quote or this concept a step further, and suggest that perhaps we can create, shape, and mold our environments, into an environment that we can thrive in.

So, here are my tips to creating an environment that you can thrive in.

1. Find Hideaways- Explore your space, your environment and find those places that are restorative for you. This can be a place where you feel like you can breathe or a place that for a few moments transports you elsewhere, a place that when your glass is feeling empty can once make you feel full. Keep track and make note of these places.

2. Gather Support - Find those friends and family members who are sources of support and strength for you. Those individuals who have stood, and will stand steadfast for you. Those ones who can help you to guide you, and lend an ear towards you. Keep in contact with these individuals.

3. Figure out what you want and why you need it - It's important to take the time to be with yourself and think about what you need and why you need it. This is so important to do for all aspects of your life, what do you want and need from work, from home, from friends, etc and determine why you need and want those things from those people, places, and things. Knowing the what and they why will help you keep those commitments to yourself, and help you to exit toxic environments and create those that are thriving environments.

With these tips and a solid goal plan, you can grab your environment by the hands and begin to carve your not so desired environment and change it into one that you know you can thrive in.

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