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3 Steps to Loving Yourself.

It's Valentine's Day. It's February. It's the month of love.

As a culture, the focus is always on romantic love. That flowers, dancing, and chocolate love, that two people in love stuff. Recently, (for women at least), there has been a shift with loving your friend and "galentines." But the most important love isn't really talked about or celebrated as much as it should be, and that is Self Love.

Like all things, Self Love is a process and a journey. It can even be a huge undertaking being that we live in a world that teaches us to hate ourselves. Nonetheless, self-love is an essential part of being able to be an emotionally mature human being. Self Love is a protective barrier against the wickedness of others and is a quiet emotional shield against messages that fill our heads.

Self Love is essential and here are 3 steps to Loving Yourself.

1. Find those things that make you happy - Find those things that make you happy and hold onto them with all that you've got. These things will bring joy, and joy brings happiness and love. These things should. be a pure expression of you and your interests. It does not matter what anyone else thinks or how anyone else feels about those things that bring you joy. Holding on to these things with all that you've got will be a basis of love and therefore loving yourself, simply because you're happy.

2. View yourself as art - External self-love is just as important as internal self-love. Take the time to stand in front of a mirror and look at your body for what it is. See the art in your rolls, your lines, the hard, and the soft. All of it is important and all of it is beautiful in its own way. Once you begin to view yourself as not only art but also art you can fall in love with, outside messages may shake you but they won't crumble you.

3. Embrace you- Your personality is what makes you, you, and its got to be embraced for all that it is and all that it isn't. We all have things that we need to change, should have changed, and don't need to change, but that shouldn't stop you from embracing who you are right now...in these moments.

Practicing these three little tips in your life will have you on the path to loving yourself in no time.

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