• Zuhri

2020 Goal Defining Journal Prompt

Y'all it's almost 2020! A whole new year, a whole new decade it about to begin and so so much can happen between now and then. There is so much potential for all sorts of new things to happen. What better way to ensure those happenings, to set yourself up for not only 2020 but the new decade, than a journal prompt? A reflective exercise that can really help you to see what you want out of your life, which can be so helpful in order to determine what your goals are, and what you need to do to ensure that this next decade is better than the last, and perhaps even your best one yet!

So, Picture it. December 2029.

1. What does your life look like?

2. Where do you live? What type of place are you living in? What does your home look like? Who lives there?

3. Where do you work? What do you do?

4. What is your purpose? What drives you?

5. What do you look like?

6. How do you act?

7. Who are you now? What's changed since December 2019? What's stayed the same?

Within the answers to these questions lies the starting point for your goals.

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