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10 Ways to Practice Self-Care that aren't Bathbombs

Living in the golden age of self-care can be great! Ideas for self-care are everywhere and now more than ever people are talking about the things that make them feel good, give them energy, and keep them going. The downside of living in the golden age of self-care, is that like most things self-care as become as aesthetic, and self- care appears to look a certain way. Self-care has even gained a dark side, when the idea even the phrase of self-care means indulgence in things we may not need to actually be engaging in.

With that being said here are 10 other ways to engage in self-care that aren’t bath bombs or going on that shopping spree you know you can’t afford.

1. Say No

2. Set Boundaries

3. Wear comfortable clothes

4. Have standards.

5. Read for pleasure

6. Journal

7. Draw

8. Do those things that bought you joy as a child before the world got in the way

9. Cook and eat a great meal

10. Take a walk and actually experience the beauty that is around you.

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