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10 things I have learned as a hospital Social Worker

The field of Social Work is diverse, and I can say that from my experiences in the about 2 years now that I have been a practitioner in the field and not just a student. I have previously written about my experiences in community social work and therapeutic work, which you can find here and here, but struggled to find a way to write about my current role in the field as a hospital social worker. But! That's when it hit me. What better way than a list?

  1. You can't make this stuff up. (But I think this is true for most of social work.)

  2. You pick up on medical stuff really quickly.

  3. Everyone is confused, so get used to talking with families and getting in the middle of family dynamics.

  4. You can make or break a discharge

  5. Sometimes you know everything about a person, other times you know nothing.

  6. Get ready to scramble to do a safe discharge

  7. Insurance is everything.

  8. There is a severe lack of community resources

  9. Sometimes you have to fix situations out of thin air.

  10. Connections are everything.

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