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Get inspired to take charge of your life and develop your best self! 

Hi, I'm Zuhri!

I'm a social worker who loves reading, planning, journaling, as well as fashion and plenty of things in between. 

I am passionate about all of these things and have been looking for a way in which to share all of these thoughts. So LifeintheOutland was born. 

Lifeintheoutland is a place where I encourage people to take charge of their mental health and goals, as well as talk about organizing and what's hot on my books shelf. 

You can find me on Instagram here  @lifeintheoutland 

Here is my general posting schedule : 

I try to post 2 times a week! As well as on Sundays for Self Care Sundays. 

Sundays: Self Care Sundays Schedule 

  •  First Sunday: Monthly Intention 

  • Third Sunday: Mid Month Check-In 

  • Last Sunday: Monthly Reflection 


Enjoy the window into my life. I hope you feel inspired to take charge of your mental health or to pick up a book, or maybe to take charge and organize your life.